Andoro & Sons Pizza offers Gluten-Free St. Louis Style Thin Crust

Andoro & Sons PIzza Gluten Free St. Louis Style Crust

Andoro & Sons PIzza Gluten Free St. Louis Style Crust

Gluten-free foods such as gluten-free pizza crusts are more than just a dietary fad. For someone who has gluten-sensitivity, a versatile food such as gluten-free pizza crust is a blessing. While there are several forms of gluten-sensitivity, one of the worst ones is celiac disease, and for some reason, celiac disease cases are on the rise. One important thing that you can do to protect yourself or a family member that has celiac disease is to start buying gluten-free foods and enforcing a strict gluten-free diet.  Please visit the latest information provided by the Mayo Clinic

Andoro & Sons Pizza has been working on finding the right gluten-free crust for sometime, and NOW we have the right product.  It not only is tasty, but its healthy!

We currently will sell by the case of 20 thin -12″ crusts to start.   Depending on demand, we could  offer a different unit of measure very soon.   Please inquire for more info at

Tasting is Believing! at Andoro & Sons Pizza.