Future of Fundraising is Using an Online Option!

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The future of fundraising for kid’s teams/organizations has changed drastically over the last decade.  I remember as a kid my parents would have me canvas the neighborhood to sell my candy bars for my baseball team.    The goal was high, but obtainable.  was a pure numbers game.  The more doors I could get to, the better chance I had to obtain my goal.

Things sure do change!  Now, I’m a parent, and there is no way I would let me child out of my sight, even in my own neighborhood to try to drum up some sales.   I sense this is now the norm!  Parents are much more protective now.

So, Andoro & Sons has just launched our  “Online Fundraiser” Option to help.   Online selling is Hot!  And now you have the ability to reach Neighbors, Grandparents, Family, Friends, etc, that maybe out of the area, or in our area, just not able to see or catch before the end of your sale.. so this will make it much easier.

The “Online Fundraiser” feature is simple to setup with our website.  It is also the most efficient way for us to process your order, for you to collect money, and increase your total sale.

The more people you can notify, the better sales potential.  We do not charge anything to use this option and it can be used in conjunction with our brochure for your fundraiser.

Please contact me for any additional information.

Thank you!

Ryan McGrath, Owner