Fundraising with a purpose

At Andoro & Sons we not only believe in raising funds for you. But to improve the community by Fundraising with a purpose!

Andoro’s has a heart for the local community. Our goal is to be a resource for raising funds for your local group. What’s more is we want to improve your community just a little bit.

What we do is for every XXXX number of pizzas sold we donate YYYY number of pizzas to your local school. From there the local schools identify the needy families and pass the pizza’s along to those families. We want to make the weekend just a little bit better in those households.

In an effort to make a greater impact we simply as the participants to help out too, if they can. We keep track of all the donated pizzas and help out your local grade school.

If you would like more specific details or have a school that is in need; let me know. Give me a call at the office I will be glad to chat with you.

-Ryan McGrath