Our program shares 40-45% of total sales with your fundraising group.

We recommend for at least 2 weeks.

You collect all money up front. Checks are to be made out to either the team/organization or parent collecting orders.

Designate one person/coach/teacher to check order forms and collect money. Please double check the totals on each order form add up to the money collected.

Two weeks from turning in your order. Once we have processed all fundraiser forms, we will contact you to setup delivery.

Yes. Andoro & Sons can provide you with an individual participant breakdown. These reports give you a breakdown of every part of your fundraiser from total number sold and individual profit. We provide a copy upon delivery of fundraiser.

​Each order arrives separated by the name on the brochure. The name will be printed on the outside of each box and will be ready to hand directly to each player/parent. Each original order form will also be packed with each order.

Payment is due to Andoro & Sons upon delivery. Payment can be in the form of a check or money order. An invoice can be faxed or emailed before the delivery.